Frozen Sunset Lake

While at a family camp this past weekend I saw this pretty frozen sunset lake scene. I wasn’t the only one to get a panoramic shot of it, but I’m probably the only one to do it in HDR. I shoot a lot of images in HDR but I make every effort to have them appear as the human eye sees things, though I am a saturation junkie at heart and so I do sometimes boost that out of control. Anyway, this was such a gorgeous scene the picture really cannot do it justice. The fog was ever so slowly rising up off of the lake and the golden sun was shining down through it making it look like a sea of gold. If you ever get the chance, be sure to visit Payette Lake in McCall, Idaho in the winter. It is truly gorgeous!

Frozen Sunset Lake


McCall, Idaho Winter Sunset

One weekend in February I had the pleasure of going to camp. The first evening the sky was just so calm and serene, and the evening star shone so bright. The sunset was soft and shallow. This really allowed the entire scene to speak out, rather than the sky stealing the show.

Often a photographer will choose to capture a scene in several different ways, but only show the one he feels is best. I decided I would most enjoy showing you all three versions of how I saw this particular scene. My favorite is the one with the posts in the foreground. Which one is your favorite?

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