Frozen Sunset Lake

While at a family camp this past weekend I saw this pretty frozen sunset lake scene. I wasn’t the only one to get a panoramic shot of it, but I’m probably the only one to do it in HDR. I shoot a lot of images in HDR but I make every effort to have them appear as the human eye sees things, though I am a saturation junkie at heart and so I do sometimes boost that out of control. Anyway, this was such a gorgeous scene the picture really cannot do it justice. The fog was ever so slowly rising up off of the lake and the golden sun was shining down through it making it look like a sea of gold. If you ever get the chance, be sure to visit Payette Lake in McCall, Idaho in the winter. It is truly gorgeous!

Frozen Sunset Lake


Payette River Frost

Ice and frost on the Payette River. Banks-Lowman Road, Idaho.

On my way to visit Sylvia at work I had to stop and photograph the cold, winter river. This valley runs east/west so it gets little to no sunlight during the winter months. So even though it was the middle of the day, there was still plenty of frost on the rocks. The river humidity makes an ever-present ice covering in the deep of the valley.

Spring Hail Flowers

After a worrying drive home, looking at ugly clouds and wondering about tornado’s, I passed through a tiny bit of a hail storm. Much relieved I arrived home to discover I had experienced only a little bit of the storm that had happened at home. With the sun coming out and warming temperatures already melting the ice, I had to act fast to photograph these little balls of joy among the spring flowers. The images of both turned out to not be so compelling but the individual shots are quite nice, at least to me.