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Purple Flowers

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While out doing some exploring around the house, I got lured into these pretty purple flowers, purple Asters. It wasn’t until I was back at my desk going through what I had captured that a truly saw what I had just seen. The single, curled petal just made me laugh.…

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Pink Chandelier Flowers

The Oregon coast is very rainy. While there this past week I was hoping to see some whales, or maybe even see the ocean. Nope. It was just very foggy and drizzling. But it made some very pretty water drops on lots of things. These flowers were just about perfect for shooting in the rain.



Teasel or Dipsacus

If you don’t know what a Teasel is don’t worry, neither did I. It is the odd plant in this picture. If memory serves the prickly cone part is about 2-3 inches tall, so this is a fairly large plant. There were so many of them out there that I didn’t even pay much attention to them, but upon closer inspection I noticed just how beautiful they are. The ones shown here must be from last year as they are completely dried. It doesn’t take a keen eye to see this plant is very ‘pokey’, but at the same time is quite elegant with it’s long fingers wrapping gracefully up and around, embracing such an abrasive heart. Maybe that is how we humans are; we are mean-hearted and unkind but we cherish our sinful behavior by giving way to it and helping it to grow. But out of ugliness can come beauty as we see in this plant, and in what God can do in our lives if we only let Jesus in and let Him work.
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Spring Hail Flowers

After a worrying drive home, looking at ugly clouds and wondering about tornado’s, I passed through a tiny bit of a hail storm. Much relieved I arrived home to discover I had experienced only a little bit of the storm that had happened at home. With the sun coming out and warming temperatures already melting the ice, I had to act fast to photograph these little balls of joy among the spring flowers. The images of both turned out to not be so compelling but the individual shots are quite nice, at least to me.