Bison on the Hillside

Bison on the Hillside

This is another one in Custer State Park showing bison on the hillside. It was quite a nice autumn scene. The bison were all around us just happily eating what was left of the green grass. Because it is unsafe to be near such large, wild animals I had to be quick about this shot. The other three people in the car were my spotters as I got out long enough to get this shot. None of the bison were near enough to be a danger, and I had a road guardrail between me and a lot of them so I was not in any actual danger. Still, it is best to be cautious. It was a small risk for a pleasant photograph of bison on the hillside.

Sitting Cows Chew the Cud

Sitting cows chew the cud while in a grassy field. In the shade. Does life get any better? Well, I suppose if your end is to become a meal, then it certainly can. But in this case these cows are likely milkers and, given the surroundings, they might have been nearly family pets.

I had just finished a photo shoot for some real estate. I walked back to my car, which was parked down the street so it wouldn’t get in the shots, and saw these two next to it. What a view! This is a rather sketchy attempt at an HDR of moving things. Don’t tear it apart too bad, please. It was just for kicks. I think it may have been hand held too. Anyway, I enjoyed seeing the two and just had to have a taste of this to cherish for the future. Chew, cows, chew!

sitting cows chew the cud