Inside an Old Shed

What else can be said about the inside of an abandoned old shed? It is what it is. This one was particularly interesting to me because it had odd and random things inside. A roll of chain-link fence. An old chalk line. An ancient stack of tree limb trimmings, sized for firewood. The gaps in the walls and roof and the missing window glass certainly added to the appeal. What do you think, old and interesting or dead and boring?

inside an old shed

Old Country Store

What is it about seeing an old country store that makes people want to stop and take pictures? Well, anything old for that matter. Every time I see something like this as I’m out and about I’m am just completely drawn toward it like a moth to a light. Perhaps it’s just me that likes this sort of thing so much. I suspect part of it is my love of history and digging around in the past. The future is unknown and as yet unexplored, but the past is known and can be very much explored through the remnant of what once was.

This store in the central Idaho’s Camas County has probably been photographed thousands of times. It is right beside a well traveled highway, en route to a very popular birding wetland. But whatever, the Grand Canyon has probably been photographed BILLIONS of times, but I don’t see that stopping any new shooters giving it a go. Here’s my take on the old country store.

Old Country Store