Frozen Sunset Lake

While at a family camp this past weekend I saw this pretty frozen sunset lake scene. I wasn’t the only one to get a panoramic shot of it, but I’m probably the only one to do it in HDR. I shoot a lot of images in HDR but I make every effort to have them appear as the human eye sees things, though I am a saturation junkie at heart and so I do sometimes boost that out of control. Anyway, this was such a gorgeous scene the picture really cannot do it justice. The fog was ever so slowly rising up off of the lake and the golden sun was shining down through it making it look like a sea of gold. If you ever get the chance, be sure to visit Payette Lake in McCall, Idaho in the winter. It is truly gorgeous!

Frozen Sunset Lake


Squaw Butte Shroud

Sometimes you don’t need a reason to shoot a location a second time in as many days. When an early autumn storm blew through this week, I knew I had to get out and see what was worth shooting. I had second guessed the sunset time wrong, again, and so was not able to continue to the location I had in mind. Instead I turned of 10 miles early and headed to where I thought I might see something nice. I was right. The elevation difference between the valley and the heights of Squaw Butte made for and excellent aerial playground. The clouds shearing across the landscape were interrupted by the stalwart ridge and forced to give way, washing around it like the sea around coastal shipwreck.

Squaw Butte Shroud

Oregon Road Trip

Sylvia and I went on a road trip to Portland, Oregon to see her mother. (Actually, she lives in Vancouver, WA but it seems like more people know where Portland is. That, or they get confused between Vancouver, WA and Vancouver, BC.) Along the way I had to stop at the overlook. It is really very high above the valley, but the conditions at the time and the lens I used really didn’t let that part of the story come through.

There was skinny trail through the grass leading off to who knows where, but all I could do was point my lens and make a photograph. I didn’t have the time to follow my nose.

We didn’t do a whole lot, but one of the fun things we did was to visit the Portland Chinese Garden. It was really very beautiful, even in the autumn. It was a cloudy day so I didn’t photography much worth showing. The lanterns were very cool, and the floor mosaics all over were amazing. Each of the different areas had a different theme, story, or meaning. The photograph of the large area with the jagged floor mosaic represents ice and the dark spots are berries or flowers. I’ve forgotten so much! It was either ‘winter’ because of the ice, or ‘spring’ because of the breaking up of the ice, and the flowers.

*I cannot sell any of the images from the Chinese Garden without special permission as everything inside is copyrighted. 

Payette River Frost

Ice and frost on the Payette River. Banks-Lowman Road, Idaho.

On my way to visit Sylvia at work I had to stop and photograph the cold, winter river. This valley runs east/west so it gets little to no sunlight during the winter months. So even though it was the middle of the day, there was still plenty of frost on the rocks. The river humidity makes an ever-present ice covering in the deep of the valley.